48 minutes | Aug 29th 2018

Ep. 34 - Kristina Thomas : Director, Writer, & Script Coordinator

Kristina Thomas is full force directing machine. She started filmmaking in college and mentored under Haile Gerima; learning the ins-and-outs of the film business. It later helped her show her potential in the documentary side of filmmaking by winning awards that led her to an opportunity to direct a pilot show in New Orleans, Louisiana. The pilot centered on three young people, between the ages of 19-24, making a difference to help rebuild New Orleans. Kristina has worked as a Script Coordinator on Being Mary Jane, New Edition Story, Greenleaf and currently Lovecraft Country. Kristina hopes to one day become an influential and acclaimed filmmaker/writer in history. Connect with Kristina Thomas www.instagram.com/introducextina Connect with Us www.thecreativeoutsiders.com (show notes) www.instagram.com/thecreativeoutsiders
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