39 minutes | Aug 14th 2018

Ep. 33 - Arkeisha Roberts : Screenwriter & Director

Arkeisha Roberts graduated in 2004 from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts with a focus in acting, directing, and playwriting. After graduation, Arkeisha immediately went to Los Angeles where she remained for three years screenwriting and acting. She moved to New York where she wrote screenplays for Lance Rivera aka “UN” who is the main director for Queen Latifah’s company. He connected her with many celebrities to write for including Irv Gotti, Katt Williams, Charlie Murphy, Faizon Love, Wendy Williams, Russell Simmons adopted son (Cavalli), and many more. While in New York, Arkeisha also continued to act in independent films. In 2014 Michael Copon contacted her to write Worth the Price. Then in 2015, Copon asked her to write the TV series Dystopia and to be script supervisor for the filming of all ten episodes. It was then, she decided to move from New York to her hometown Virginia to continue her dreams writing screenplays for Michael Copon as well as helping build up his film company. Since settling in Virginia Beach, she has worked on several feature films in the area with million dollar budgets and independent films/tv production with positions such as 2nd Assistant Director, production assistant, script supervisor, and art director. She produced a play she wrote and showed it at the Sandler Center that included opera singing, puppets, and salsa dancing. She is working on converting a N.Y. times best seller into a screenplay, that she intends to produce along with another original screenplay. On This Episode: Finding your voice as a writer, director. Life lessons as a creative. Charging your worth. Creating in Virginia and finding your community wherever you live. Finding your agent. Balancing so many hats as a creative. Show Notes www.thecreativeoutsiders.com www.instagram.com/keish777 www.instagram.com/thecreativeoutsiders The Promise https://amzn.to/2nEOkFc
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