40 minutes | May 24th 2019

The joy of multiple passions, with Polymath author Waqās Ahmed

This is for you if you have way more interests, skills and things you want to do that the rest of the world can really get their head round. Waqās Ahmed spent five years researching extraordinary people to write The Polymath, a book that flies the flag for living a life of multiple areas of skill and interest.Being a polymath, he says, may be the single best way to personal fulfillment. What's more, in a world of AI, the ability to see and join links between apparently unrelated fields will become ever more important. Waqās shares his own journey of turning his career upside down, rejecting the traditional job he'd found himself in to follow his passion for painting. That in turn opened up opportunities that took him around the world as a political journalist, art curator and now book author. Find the full transcript at creativelifeshow.comClick to view: show page on Awesound
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