31 minutes | Sep 2nd 2019

Love your superpowers, with Marianne Cantwell

From the outside, Marianne Cantwell looks like a classic 'laptop lifestyle' entrepreneur, travelling the world with her business. But it's her much less common approach of embracing empathy, sensitivity and an inner voice that has made her the founder of a loyal and enthusiastic tribe - Free Range Humans - a sought-after speaker and bestselling author.Marianne shares the story of how, after her first book was a huge, unexpected success, she expected to find herself thrilled and energised. But she found herself sinking into brain fog and apathy, with nothing to say and nothing to write. She talks about the journey to rediscover herself, to recognise 'depression' for what it was, and how it transformed her business and lifeMarianne is - like me - an ENFP and HSP, highly sensitive person. That means we have sensory systems that take in a huge amount, whether in our environment or other people's emotions, but need to manage our energy with care and mindfulness. We have a terrific conversation about what this has meant for Marianne, and in particular, during a bout of depression.We also talk about the joy of being HSP, how we handle big events, enthusiasm, collaborative working, and Marianne's 'work-arounds': finding a way of doing something that isn't the usual, but brings so many more rewards.Click to view: show page on Awesound
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