42 minutes | Jun 17th 2019

How to reinvent yourself, even when you feel you've failed, with Judy Apps

Judy Apps is a successful consultant and writer, helping people to communicate, and I wasn't expecting her story of years of what felt like failure and lack of direction. She tells the tale of her early career studying opera, and how an audition in Italy sent everything off the rails. We explore how nothing in your life is ever wasted - and how the directions you thought you'd given up on can provide the threads for you to weave something more magical and effective than you ever thought possible. As creatives, we HAVE to be able to communicate with people around us to get our work known. But the very idea can fill us with horror. Judy dispels myths about networking, meeting people, and shares how we can communicate more authentically and effectively. Click to view: show page on Awesound
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