30 minutes | Jul 16th 2018

Creativity, introversion, and going all-in, with Michaela Chung

'A writer who is not writing is a danger to herself', says Michaela Chung. She's the creator of the hugely popular website IntrovertSpring, author of two books and in-demand expert on how to thrive as an introvert. She joins Joanna Pieters to talk about her own creative and writing life. Michaela shares how a creative crisis led to growing her website from 5 thousand visitors per month to 19 thousand, in just 30 days. It's a process she still repeats every time she feels blocked, bored or frustrated - which, she says, still happens regularly. We also talk about the overlap between introversion and creativity, balancing our inner artist with our inner manager, and what happens when we stop feeding the 'writing dogs' inside us. Get the full notes at creativelifeshow.com Click to view: show page on Awesound
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