30 minutes | Jul 9th 2018

Claiming the story that's yours, with author Sophie Sabbage

Sophie Sabbage lived and breathed books as a child: they healed her and made sense of her life. And yet it took decades and the diganosis of a terminal illness that made her finally sit down and write. The result was The Cancer Whisperer, a bestselling book that was translated into 11 languages and transformed her life. And yet there was another book waiting: one that she'd promised her teacher and mentor to write as he was dying, ten years before. Lifeshocks is 'her greatest creative work', and yet she had to overcome myriad deep-seated fears that stopped her writing. This is a great listen if you've ever felt intimidated by what you want to create, felt that you're somehow not good enough, or simply felt that you haven't yet found what you're called to create. Find the full show notes and The Creative's Distraction Buster at creativelifeshow.comClick to view: show page on Awesound
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