32 minutes | Aug 20th 2018

Being unstoppable, with Monica Michelle

Monica Michelle had a thriving, six-figure photography business which she loved. She adored the families, the kids, the women who she did boudoir photos for, as well as the events and the travel she was in demand for.She'd had to give on a career as a dancer, but that was ok. But now, her body started going wrong. Gradually she had to start reducing what she did, as every part of her became weaker and more painful.Then, the diagnosis. And a period of deep introspection and wondering what on earth to do with the energy and creativity that had always driven her.If you're expecting a sad episode, don't! Monica is joyously positive, and the host of a fast-growing and successful podcast, an author and illustrator. This is a brilliant lesson in how to reinvent yourself, and find new outlets for your creativity, no matter what life throws at you.Click to view: show page on Awesound
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