42 minutes | Nov 18, 2020

118: Balance everything! Travel, work, podcasting, play with Debbie Arcangeles, The Offbeat Life

Episode 118. "I think we often overlook what's in our backyards. Like, it's ridiculous how many places that you can see if even if you just drive a few hours out and really appreciate what you have." ~Debbie Arcangeles Conversation with Debbie Arcangeles is a lot like spinning the giant prize wheel at a carnival: every topic is a winner. And since I’m terrible at choosing, Debbie obliged me with a spin ‘round multiple subjects - travel! entrepreneurship! remote work! work/life balance! podcasting! - in just under thirty minutes.   As the creative force behind The Offbeat Life, a business that includes her podcast, an entrepreneurial skills platform, and brand partnership opportunities, Debbie’s built a fully-remote lifestyle doing what she loves: traveling and speaking with people. While there’s a lot to love about her digital nomad perks, big lessons come with the territory. Some are cultural; like how her Filipino features are often mistaken for the predominant local ethnicity. Others are professional; like the amount of time she’s dedicated to growing her business. After years as an informal source for answers to entrepreneurial and digital nomad questions, Debbie created a menu of masterclasses and professional podcast services.  She’s equal parts teacher and cheerleader of the location independent lifestyle.  Debbie has tips for making the most of local life, and plenty of international tales to tell.   Hear some of Debbie’s favorite strategies for monetizing her podcast on the crossover episode she recorded for Podcast Envy episode 76. Links, resources, opportunities, other podcasts & books mentioned, ... You can find them here: http://www.thecreativeimpostor.com/118 *** JOIN THE COMMUNITY The Creative Impostor Collective on Mighty Networks is free to join -- let's say farewell to 2020 together! Are you a creative professional who podcasts? Apply for our Podcast Envy Pro Pod now. Or book a complimentary podcast "tea" with me to learn more about the 2021 cohort and see if it's right for you. Connect with Debbie The Offbeat Life The Offbeat Life Podcast How To Create A Podcast Instagram Facebook Twitter Connect with me Email or Voice  andrea@thecreativeimpostor.com Facebook Page @thecreativeimpostor Instagram: @thecreativeimpostor LinkedIn: @andreaklunder (I only accept connections from people I actually know, so include a message to say you’re a Creative Impostor listener.) Support The Creative Impostor! LOVE The Creative Impostor? I would LOVE if you could leave me a short & sweet review: http://www.ratethispodcast.com/creative. Send me a screenshot and I might even read it on a future episode. Get your books from somewhere OTHER than Amazon. Bookshop.org is a B-Corp - a corporation dedicated to the public good — online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. When you order from Bookshop, through my link, 10% of your purchase goes to an earnings pool that will be evenly distributed among independent bookstores and 10% comes to The Creative Impostor studios through their affiliate program. Grow your own online community using Mighty Networks! It's where we host The Creative Impostor Collective and when you create your own group with the Business or Community plan, we receive a thank you bonus from them for referring you.
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