9 minutes | Apr 28th 2020

Overcome Fear and Uncertainty with These Simple Tricks

Face Your Fear! Listen to this motivational message when you're ready to embrace your fear and conquer your resistance to uncertainty. This episode features a track from my digital album Morning Pep Talks for Artists, Authors, and Creative Entrepreneurs. Available on Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify, and most digital audio platforms.The text of this Face Your Fear message was adapted from my book The Empowered Artist, available on Amazon at https://amzn.to/2VKoQI9 Let's connect! Get on the Creative Entrepreneur VIP List. It's free and easy. Just head to http://PromoteYourCreativity.com - you'll get a lot of sample ebook and audiobook chapters when you do! Check out all of my books, ebooks, and audiobooks on my Amazon Author page at https://amzn.to/2wJfXij Subscribe to the podcast using Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, RadioPublic, TuneIn, or Google. You can also connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. And follow Bob Baker’s Inspiration Project on Spotify. You may also be interested in … The Passion Principles: 101 Ways to Express Your Creativity and Share It With the World The Empowered Artist: A Call to Action for Musicians, Writers, Visual Artists, and Anyone Who Wants to Make a Difference With Their Creativity Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook – Also available on Amazon in paperback. And audiobook format with Vol 1 and Vol 2. Or you can get the Ebook Bundle here. The Five-Minute Music Marketer: 151 Easy Music Promotion Activities That Take 5 Minutes or Less The 9 Irrefutable Laws of Music Marketing Did you enjoy this episode? Please rate, review, comment, and share!Support the show (https://paypal.me/BobBakerSTL/)
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