9 minutes | Dec 17th 2019

Welcome To The Creation Peak Show!

#001 - Entrepreneurship comes with it's own set of mindset, health and self care obstacles that drain your spirit and keep you from performing at your best.  (As someone who's determined to reach your goals and make things happen, you probably know what I'm talking about!) That's why this show is dedicated to discussing things like how to keep our bodies healthy with a full schedule, how to stay motivated before evidence of success and how to maintain the right headspace that allows you to continue moving forward.I'm Jenny and as an entrepreneur, I'm on a mission to bring you the information, strategies and solutions that I find that really make a difference. The world needs what you have to offer, so I'm sharing what I discover to support us all. For example, you can check out my solutions for eating healthy with a busy lifestyle here:https://creationpeak.com/eatI hope you enjoy this first episode where I describe what Creation Peak is and share upcoming topics. I'm also excited to help power your entrepreneurial mindset by reading the public domain version of Think and Grow Rich on this podcast. Please know how happy I am that you're here! Hit subscribe so we can go on this journey together!
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