17 minutes | Mar 3rd 2020

Need Ideas? Get Into A Creative Mind

#008 - ​Do you ever feel stuck and that ​things are more of a struggle than normal?​ (Hand raised right here!) ​​​T​his podcast ​discusses the remedy -- getting into a creative mind.​​And, there's definitely a difference when you're in this mindset. For instance, the creative mind helps bring forth ideas and inspiration. (Who couldn't use more of that?)This is the mind you want to be in so you don't have to "effort" your way through something. In other words, you draw from the right energy source rather than working faster & harder in the hopes that you arrive at your desired outcome.​ Plus, that "efforting" will just burn you out.​​You'll hear more about this mind, as well as learn quick & simple solutions to get into this creative space.  Here's where you can find show notes, resources and more:https://creationpeak.com/creativeEnjoy!
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