43 minutes | Mar 2, 2021

From The Military To Realtor With 1.5M On TikTok (Zachary Loft)

Zachary Loft is a legend. If you’re in real estate, you would know him as the realtor who has 1.5 million followers on TikTok. You would never have guessed that if you saw young Zachary just out of the Army, living the full reserve lifestyle, having no clue what he wanted to do. But when he got introduced to real estate, he placed himself in a trajectory that would keep him addicted to growth, both in wealth and influence, but all in a good way. And it all started when Zachary burned the proverbial boat and stuck his feet into the flames. Brendan Meyers takes him to the show so that we can learn a thing or two from how this stellar person created his own life by being consistent, different, and unapologetically himself.
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