31 minutes | Feb 3, 2021

7. The Logistics Puzzle

In this seventh episode, experts discuss how the vaccine gets from the manufacturers gate into a patient’s arm and all the challenges in between. The episode looks at how transportation and storage has been planned and executed by the big international transportation players thus far. While there have been some pleasant surprises with smooth deliveries in some western countries, getting the vaccine to lower income countries will remain an ongoing challenge. Freezer storage capacity — both during transportation and at vaccination sites — will be a crucial consideration and this will only get more challenging as more vaccines get authorized and distributed. Meanwhile, with a very short planning process ahead of rollout, experts discuss the greater potential for human error when trying to keep the limited vaccine supply viable. Finally, experts discuss the need for better planning and investment around scheduling vaccine administrations, which has been the biggest unexpected hurdle thus far, particularly in the US. Guest profiles and timestamps available at https://thecovaxfiles.com
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