48 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

11. In Search of Freedom with Ty McMath

"You can't fake confidence and you can't fake courage. You only have it when you know you have put in the time. You cannot run with the giants if you are not conditioned." - Ty McMathIn this episode, Corey and Sharma talk with Ty McMath, co-founder of Torch Fitness LLC, which was acquired by Valet Living in 2018. Torch Fitness provides local businesses, corporations, and residential communities with on-site fitness and nutrition services allowing the clients and partners to receive expert fitness by certified trainers who are experienced with weight-loss and muscle building results. During this conversation, Ty shares how his search for freedom has been at the core of his entrepreneurial journey: whether it was freedom to believe he deserved a seat at the table, freedom to truly live in his genius zone, freedom to go after the best deals, or freedom to travel the world with his family. 
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