33 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

09. The Joy Factor with Lynette Barksdale

"We need everyone doing the thing that they are meant to do at their fullest potential. That is the only way we are going to get to all of the great possibilities that we can, with creativity and innovation." - Lynette  BarksdaleIn this episode, Corey and Sharma talk with Lynette Barksdale, who is currently head of diversity, equity, and inclusion at a tech company. Lynette is a DEI champion whose previous experiences include running a nonprofit focused on closing the achievement gap for elementary students, as well as leading DEI work at various Fortune 100 companies. Lynette shares the pivotal career moment that taught her to speak up, how the values of justice and equity have shaped her career, and how she is striving to maximize her joy factor--and how we can all do the same.
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