39 minutes | Jan 4, 2021

08. Know Your Own Story with Dontaye Carter

"Having the right people in your life enables you to move when it's time to move. It wasn't really me out there doing something. It was the people who had prepared me for leadership when leadership was needed. It takes people helping to prepare you." -Dontaye CarterIn this episode, Corey and Sharma talk with Dontaye Carter, Founder and CEO of Carter Media Group. Dontaye spent years in television news as an executive producer, anchor, and reporter. Now, as an internationally known media strategist, Dontaye helps business owners identify the story that connects them with their audience to drive ROI. He is telling the stories that otherwise go untold. With a refreshing dose of vulnerability, Dontaye shares his journey and the importance of understanding his own personal story, how he found his “one thing,” the secret weapon to his success (hint: it involves asking for help), and how he is making the most of the risks he's taken to reap the rewards.
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