52 minutes | Sep 2, 2021

MoonCats - The rediscovery that launched NFTs into the stratosphere

MoonCats will always hold a special place as the spark that launched NFTs from a small group of collectors into a worldwide craze. I was so psyched to sit down with David, one of the founders of Ponderware, the company behind MoonCats, and MoonCats amazing community manager Anna Marie.  We discuss every aspect of the project, from building MoonCats, the 2017 launch, failure, the rediscovery, and the team's future plans. I like to hold MoonCats up as the ideal way to run an NFT project and support your community. We get into some of the very significant challenges that the team has faced and how they have handled them with grace and flair. Twitter - https://twitter.com/ponderware Opensea - https://opensea.io/collection/acclimatedmooncats Join the community - https://mooncat.community/
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