38 minutes | Jun 18, 2020

Forage for your supper

With so many activities off limits due to the coronavirus, this summer practically demands that we get outdoors as often as possible in order to maintain our sanity ﹘ just so long as you've got your mask on and you're away from other people, of course. For those looking to step up their outdoor game, Andy Gricevich wants to help you learn to forage your own food. He runs What Got Gathered, where he sells foraged foods and leads walks where he teaches people to recognize the edible plants around them. This week on the Corner Table, Lindsay and Chris talk with the local forager extraordinaire about mushrooms that won’t kill you, a unique dish he calls “lawn-sagna,” and what he’s most excited about finding to eat in the parkways and backyards around his new house. 

Also: Why Andy thinks foraging isn't dangerous, as long as you don't eat something just because an app told you to.

Ready to learn more about foraging? Here are a few links Andy recommended to get you started.

Wild Food Wisconsin Facebook group

Midwest Wild & Edible Foragers Society Facebook group

Forager's Harvest, the website of foraging authority Samuel Thayer

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