34 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

49: How To Make a Strategic and Energetic Transition with Dr. Xavier V. Bruce

How you ever found yourself drifting and wondering how you might make your way through? Better yet, feeling mistreated and not sure how to bounce back from it? You are not alone. Whether it be jobs, relationships, or other situations, we often find ourselves waiting for heroes to show up, inappropriately believing that problems will subside or just “holding on” out of shame (e.g., concerned that people will mock our perceived lack of commitment).  After a 24-year military career, he particularly noted the effects upon veterans. He codified the lessons he used to guide his journey to help others, now published in his new book, Uplift Your Damn Self – A Black Veteran’s Guide for In-Powerment. 8 Rules to Make a Strategic Energetic Transition. Dr. X (as he is often called) provides a three-point model, undergirded by eight rules to help people gain clarity and forge ahead. During this episode, we discuss Dr. X’s “why,” that led him to this work, the model and each of the eight rules. Enjoy.
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