48 minutes | Jul 3rd 2020

38: Five Steps Towards Partnering with Higher Education to solve Systemic Racism with Greg Hanifee

Many are inspired to contribute to the eradication of systemic racism but struggle with how best to do so. The call to action is seemingly driven by a “tragic moment,” but the issues drive much deeper. As one begins to understand the depths of challenges that span areas such as criminal justice, education, economics, voting, jobs, health, and more, it can be overwhelming. Institutions of higher education can be engaged as allies provided you understand the landscape and have a strategy. They are the largest employers in 10 states and two-thirds of America’s 100 largest cities, employing nearly 4 million people.  Economically, these schools hold nearly $600 Bn in endowments. They cultivate entrepreneurship, incubate new businesses, and provide through-leadership to companies large and small throughout the world. Greg Hanifee (Associate Dean at the Kellogg School of Management) and I will provide you with some clear ideas for partnering, engaging, and driving forward. Be sure to get free resources at www.thecorelinksolution.com/resourcesforyourgrowth
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