14 minutes | Aug 17, 2017

Small Town, Big Results with Brittany Becher

John Interviews Brittany Becher My guest for this week’s episode of the Consulting Spark podcast is Brittany Becher, co-founder and CEO of Scoop Industries out of Jasper, IN (be sure to take notes on the restaurant mentioned in the episode!). Scoop Industries works with service-based business owners to implement simple strategies for sustainable success. If you work with clients (from freelancer to running a group program) they know exactly how easy it is for you to end up putting your business last on the list after all of your clients.  What You’ll Learn How Becher got started in the business Where Scoop Industries is today and where they are headed What the hardest thing is about starting a business and managing it long-term What makes her business unique How to attract and win business What Becher’s favorite thing is about being in marketing Where to Get More Information Learn more about Scoop Industries. Read the blog. Listen to the podcast. Connect on Facebook. Follow on YouTube. Follow on Pinterest. Follow on Twitter. Find a Duct Tape Marketing Network Consultant. Like this show? Click on over and give us a review on iTunes, please! The post Small Town, Big Results with Brittany Becher appeared first on Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.
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