8 minutes | Sep 28, 2017

Handling Constant Change in the Marketing World

John Interviews James Bosma My guest for this week’s episode of the Consulting Spark podcast is James Bosma, founder of Lift Communications out of Ontario. The company puts strategy before tactics, delivering sensible, done-for-you small business marketing programs throughout the Halton, Hamilton, and Niagara Regions. For most of his career, Bosma has managed the creative work of other people. A few years ago he realized that he’d much rather DO creative work than manage it. Bosma works with smaller organizations and businesses who need the help of an agency without the high cost.  What You’ll Learn How Bosma got started in the marketing business What Lift Communications is currently doing and where it’s headed What the hardest thing is about starting a business How Bosma gets in front of ideal clients Why Bosma likes being in marketing James Bosma’s Recommend Resources and Influencers Michael Gerber Troy Dean  Donald Miller with StoryBrand Malcom Gladwell Seth Godin Blinkist Where to Get More Information Learn more about Lift Communications. Connect on Facebook. Connect on LinkedIn. Email james@liftcommunications.ca. Find a Duct Tape Marketing Network Consultant. Like this show? Click on over and give us a review on iTunes, please! The post Handling Constant Change in the Marketing World appeared first on Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.
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