9 minutes | Dec 8, 2017

A Look at an Expanding Mobile Marketing Business

John Interviews Tim Fitzpatrick My guest for this week’s episode of the Consulting Spark podcast is Tim Fitzpatrick, Founder of Rialto Mobile Marketing out of Denver, CO. Fitzpatrick got involved in mobile marketing in late 2012 because he saw a huge opportunity to help organizations improve by taking advantage of the power of mobile marketing. Mobile is a very dynamic industry and he loves change! Mobile adoption continues to skyrocket, making it imperative organizations figure out how they are going to reach their audience via smartphones and tablets. Fitzpatrick is excited to help as many organizations as possible realize the benefits of mobile marketing. What You’ll Learn How Fitzpatrick got started in the world of marketing What Rialto Mobile Marketing is up to today What the hardest part is of owning a business How to separate yourself from the competition Tips for attracting new business What Fitzpatrick loves about his job Tim Fitzpatrick’s Recommend Resources and Influencers Books The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson Influencers Neil Patel Duct Tape Marketing Perry Marshall Tools LastPass Where to Get More Information Learn more about Rialto Mobile Marketing. Follow on Twitter. Connect on LinkedIn. Connect on Facebook. Email Info@RialtoMobile.com. Find a Duct Tape Marketing Network Consultant. Like this show? Click on over and give us a review on iTunes, please! The post A Look at an Expanding Mobile Marketing Business appeared first on Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.
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