72 minutes | Oct 28, 2015

Houdini: The First Ever Undercover Paranomal Investigator? A Discussion via The Conspiracy Agents Podcast

I have vivid memories of magic when I was a child. I remember a magic wand. A Silver bowl. handkerchiefs of all kinds and ropes, rings, and cards that tripped the days and nights fantastic. In my younger case, the master magician that knew all when it came to slight of hand was - my Dad, Fred Wilkerson. While the years and arthritis have not been kind to my father's hands, his spirit, zeal and showmanship still carries along great stories of magic of all kinds. Tonite, we remember another magician - one that did a few more in-depth and "showy" things than what my father was interested in. Houdini - a master escape artist but did you also Houdini was an the first Undercover Paranomal Investigator? as we arrive at the anniversary of his death, 2015, we begin to unravel the REAL mystries that people need to know about a man that made millions marvel - and still continues to, inside this episode of The Conspiracy Agents Podcast...
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