98 minutes | Mar 31st 2018

Episode XXIII: ECW One Night Stand 2005

OH MY GAHD we're back with another episode of The Conquistabores! On this episode there are unprotected chair shots to the head, inappropriate language and beer all over the place because we're talking about ECW! But not the original era ECW, no, we're talking about the One Night Stand pay per view from 2005! That's right, it's an arena full of drunk fans, bonkers wrestlers and a balcony of heat generating WWE superstars. Cam Euan and Phil pick their way through the broken tables to watch the wrestling show equivalent of a greatest hits album. No Geordie Al though, so thats one less thing to worry about. After you've listened to the show, you can be like your favourite ECW Superstar and swear at us on Facebook (search for Conquistabores) or on Twitter (at Conquistabores) or you can sign up to our newsletter at tinyletter.com/Conquistabores and reply to that.
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