93 minutes | Sep 2nd 2017

Episode XIX: The Greatest Video Game Challenge

It’s the type of episode that could tear the podcast in two! Or four, even. That’s right, it’s our next roundtable episode where The Conquistabores sit down to decide something and this time it’s to decide just what is The Greatest Wrestling Video Game Ever! Oh yeah, we’re not fooling around with this one! Cam, Euan, Phil and Geordie Al are breaking out the controllers and the multitaps and sorting out the Fire Pros from the Backyard Wrestlings. Can they actual come to a decision that doesn’t end up with a near blood feud? Just listen to the show and find out, no spoilers here. Once you’ve done that, and finished playing the games we told you about, make sure you let us know about your favourite games either on our twitter @conquistabores or do a search for us on Facebook. And you know what? A review or rating on iTunes would be good. We get enough of those, maybe we finally sort out a t-shirt store.
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