36 minutes | Oct 13th 2019

Expert Tips for Taking Your First Solo Trip as a Woman - Interview with Leyla from Women on the Road

Today I've invited on the show someone I very much consider an authority on the subject of female solo travel. Leyla took her very first solo trip at 15 and ventured out on many short trips after that, but her feet got really itchy at age 43. So, she decided to leave her job and her dead-end relationship to get out there and see the world!

After nearly four years on the road, Leyla discovered a lot about traveling on her own as a woman. Little was available on the internet at that time and she felt the urge to share her learnings, in turn creating her blog - Women on the Road. 

Leyla has a bunch of advice and resources which, over the years, has helped thousands of other women follow in her footsteps. So whether you want to travel on your own for a week, a month, or a year – Leyla is your go-to woman!

What we talk about in the episode:
  • Is solo female travel safe?
  • What’s so good about traveling alone
  • Tips to stay safe while traveling
  • Have to avoid feeling lonely while traveling on your own
  • How to meet people while traveling
  • How to cope with eating alone

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