33 minutes | May 7th 2019

025 | Meet my Podcast PIMP (Interview with Michelle Glogovac)

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Ep 025 | Meet my Podcast PIMP (Interview with Michelle Glogovac)


Coming out from behind the podcast today is Michelle Glogovac who not only writes the show notes for The Confidence Crown but also sources our guests and pitches me to be interviewed on other podcasts. After an 18 year career in corporate aviation, Michelle decided to make the big switch to starting her own business focusing on the podcast world while staying at home to raise her two toddlers. We are discussing how she made that leap, manages a business, kids and has a husband who works from home as well and still finds time to write a blog filled with wine reviews and cocktail recipes.


You’re going to find the encouragement to wake up and make that career switch!


What we’re talking about


  • Making a Career Change
  • Podcasts
  • Having Confidence


Making a Change, Not Just a Pivot


After 18 years in corporate aviation, Michelle didn’t make a small pivot in her career, she switched completely. She changed industries and even launched her own business from scratch. Discovering what her true passion and deciding to get uncomfortable made it an easy move to make and has allowed her freedom and flexibility.


From Pitching to Guest Sourcing to Show Notes


Once Michelle discovered the purple podcast button from iTunes, she decided to work on everything in the podcast world. She pitches podcasters to other podcasts, sources guests for podcasts (including this one!) and writes show notes to help audiences find podcasts they can relate to.


Educating Yourself to Build Confidence


Confidence is something that we work on daily and Michelle says her confidence comes from educating herself on all that she does. She remains informed and up-to-date and therefore she feels confident in what she does. Education of any kind is the best kind.


No matter where you are in life, find your passion and go after it!!



Michelle’s Website

Michelle Glogovac Instagram

Michelle’s Pinterest 101 Guide

When Harry Met Sally



17:59 (51 sec MG) – I think being, educating myself and making sure I know what I’m talking about. I don’t talk out of my butt. I’m not going to tell you something that I can’t back up and to me that gives me the confidence that I know what I’m talking about. There’s the imposter syndrome and there’s a lot of people who you know even in Social Media will say oh I’m a strategist or I’m a manager and I can do this, but they don’t know all of these little things. It’s a lot of work. Social Media is a ton of work and to be confidence in saying I know what I’m doing, I’m educating myself. I’m making sure that I’m keeping up to date with everything there is and I’m all about educating myself wherever I can, whether it’s with wine or my kids.



  1. I didn’t pivot, I full-on switched. MG
  2. You can definitely start something from scratch…and turn it into something huge. MG
  3. It’s all possible. It’s all doable. MG



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  1. Today’s guest, Michelle Glogovac is simplifying the lives of podcasters and pinners and discusses how she made such a leap after an 18 year career in corporate aviation on  Ep 25 of The Confidence Crown!



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  1. #Podcast #manager Michelle Glogovac is sharing how she made a huge career shift and is now running a business while being a stay at home mom on EP25 of The Confidence Crown.
  2. Listen to how making a career change can completely change your outlook  with Michelle Glogovac on EP25 of The Confidence Crown.


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  1. Have you listened to the latest Podcast episode with Michelle Glogovac? We’re discussing career changes and starting a business once you’ve found your passion! Head on over to iTunes and check it out!


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THE CONFIDENCE CROWN PODCAST NOTES: www.theconfidencecrown.com

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