10 minutes | Jan 4th 2021

The world’s largest online library

Almost any book you can think of – available online for free. Same as your local library.   If you have a library card for your local library, you probably already know you can borrow digital books. You just need to create an account using an app called Libby, and that allows you to access lots of digital books that are available right there at your local library. And of course, all of this costs you nothing since it it part of the services at the library. It’s really pretty amazing, since you can borrow and read even recent, popular books. Books that if purchased, you might pay $10 or $20 for. But since it’s through the library, you don’t pay anything. But there’s an online library that’s available to just about anyone – and this takes borrowing digital books to a whole new level. It’s called Z-Library. You can view it at https://b-ok.cc/ (not sure what that domain name stands for though). If you thought your local library had a lot of digital books available for download, you’re in for a big fat surprise when you check out Z-Library. As I write this, there are currently over 5.9 MILLION books available there for download. If you’re looking for a specific book, you can most likely search for it and download it without even registering for an account.  You’re allowed up to 5 downloads per day without registering. If you create a free account with your email address and a password, that increases your download limit to 10 e-books per day, and a faster download speed. But this only allows you to download and read books on your computer. Still, for some people that’s fine. I mean, how many people read more than 10 books a day? But if you really want all the features, you can get a Premium Plan. To get a Premium Plan, you can donate as little as $1. That allows you to have digital books sent to your Kindle, and the downloads are free of any ads (the free accounts have advertisements). Beyond that, there are additional benefits if you pay more. But you can always choose how much you want to pay. If you pay $1 to $4.99, you get all the extra features but you are still limited to 10 downloads per day. If you need more than 10 downloads a day, you can choose to pay more (but it’s still really cheap). You’ll see the pricing structure listed after you create your free account with your email address. Libraries have always been an incredible local resource. To give you an idea on how this compares to purchase, I looked up the complete set of Harry Potter books on Amazon. The Kindle version is $62.99:   But at Z-Library, you can just click to download the whole thing to your computer. Or pay a little bit of money, and have them sent to your Kindle e-reader:   If you’re wondering if they have a particular book you want, just go to the website and do a search on the title. With almost 6 million books to choose from, there’s a very good chance you’ll find it available. So if you’re planning to make a New Year’s resolution to read more books, the Z-Library could play a big role in making that happen! The post The world’s largest online library first appeared on The Computer Tutor.
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