12 minutes | Mar 17, 2020

The Life Sprint w/ Rakesh Kasturi

Rakesh Kasturi is one of two co-founders of Life Sprint, a 4-week online collaborative course that helps people get unstuck in their careers. It’s fascinating how it works: you sign up, enter a virtual call with a group of strangers and start collaborating on some of your biggest challenges in life. But does it really work? That’s what we wanted to find out from Rakesh. In this pop-in call we talk about: How Rakesh and Matt Stewart came up with the idea for Life Sprint based on Google’s Design Sprint philosophy How they connect people online through Zoom, Mural, virtual post-it notes and a buddy system Why online classes make us more accountable, productive and enable us to achieve our goals Plus: Rakesh’s advice for anyone wanting to start their own online course (Hint: just do it!) Listen to the co-matter podcast anywhere by subscribing to iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher or your favorite podcasting app (search for "co-matter"). If you're interested in the work Rakesh and Matt are doing join the next Life Sprint from wherever you are. Interested in more insights? Join our mailing list for a monthly update on the future of community.
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