30 minutes | Feb 28, 2019

Tackling Food Poverty The Community Led Way

Community food projects are helping not only to a… Community food projects are helping not only to address food poverty, but allowing people to lead healthier and happier lives. Join us in the next episode when we visit Bentley Urban farm and hear how this community business is improving the lives of people living in Doncaster. Show Notes You can read the full case study on Bentley Urban Farm on the Power to Change website (https://www.powertochange.org.uk/what-is-community-business/stories/permafuture-agroecology-ltd/) More useful case studies (https://www.powertochange.org.uk/what-is-community-business/stories/forty-hall-vineyard/), (https://www.powertochange.org.uk/what-is-community-business/stories/transition-town-wigan-greenslate-farm/) and funding news (https://www.powertochange.org.uk/news/1-34m-fund-support-community-food-farming-businesses/) Discover other useful resources (http://www.feanetwork.org/our-projects/loans-for-enlightened-agriculture-programme) For more funding opportunities for your community business, including the Community Business Bright Ideas programme (https://www.powertochange.org.uk/get-support/programmes/community-business-bright-ideas/) , check out the programme pages on the Power to Change website (https://www.powertochange.org.uk/get-support/programmes/) Remember to sign up to our newsletter (www.powertochange.org.uk/our-newsletter) and follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/peoplesbiz) for the latest updates and funding opportunities. Links relating to the show Bentley Urban Farm - http://www.bentleyurbanfarm.com Doncopolitan - https://doncopolitan.com Inspiration and background on food deserts https://www.iconmann.com/home/2018/5/11/ron-finley https://www.ted.com/speakers/ron_finley Community Business Links: You can find out more about what’s going on at Power to Change and in the community business movement in all these places: Our website: www.powertochange.org.uk By subscribing to our newsletter: www.powertochange.org.uk/our-newsletter/ On Twitter: www.twitter.com/thecbfix On Facebook: www.facebook.com/communitybiz/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/peoplesbiz/?hl=en YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCuW3vbzUSSfA9k1M0nuKfRg LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/the-power-to-change/ Discover other Community Business Fix episodes and full transcripts of the shows on the Power to Change website. www.powertochange.org.uk This show is a www.wearefieldwork.com production. Access a transcript of the show - https://www.powertochange.org.uk/get-inspired/podcasts/tackling-food-poverty-community-led-way-2/
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