26 minutes | Sep 22, 2021

Journey into the Commands of Christ

In this pilot episode, we dive in deep with several questions: What are commands? How do we keep them? And, are Jesus’ commands for us just more sets of impossible to-do lists?We invite you to listen with hope, because the commands of Christ go beyond being only a to-do list — they are an invitation to an intimate relationship with the God of the universe, and a pathway to true discipleship. In John 8:31, Jesus defines a true disciple as one who abides in His Word, meditating on it, and living it out in their lives. Jesus’ words are powerfully applicable today. We believe that His words are essential — they are our life! Join us on this journey through the commands of Christ!Produced by The Home Discipleship Network. Visit us online at www.homediscipleship.comFind us on Facebook and Instagram @homediscipleshipnetwork
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