53 minutes | Feb 27th 2021

How to Clean Up Your Mental Mess | Dr. Caroline Leaf

The precious life of a young 16-year-old in high school held on by a thread in the aftermath of a sudden car accident. Moments before, she was dreaming of college and the rest of her life. Moments after, her body was devastated and her mind nearly lost. Two weeks in a coma and she was declared a vegetable. “We’re sorry but her brain damage is irreversible,” her doctors told her parents. Shockingly, this 16-year-old woke up with a surprising amount of brain function and was not through with her life yet. Because of the accident, her intelligence had dropped to a 2nd-grade level, but she was still determined to graduate high school with her peers. With almost nowhere to turn, her parents contacted a young scientist studying neuroplasticity—Dr. Caroline Leaf. After 8 months of astonishing mind exercises and restoration techniques, this average student reached genius-level cognitive abilities and exceeded any expectations to merely survive. What methods did Dr. Leaf use to bring restoration and healing to this girl’s life? They're the same methods she has used to help millions learn the power and simplicity of using the mind to change the brain. Listen to the full episode now!
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