46 minutes | Mar 14th 2021

How Connection Can Change the World | Dr. Manal Fakhoury

Five kids, two parents, and one long trip to America. Dr. Manal Fakhoury’s life began to take form as a Palestinian girl who didn’t know how to speak English immigrated with her family from Kuwait to the City of Angels. Where many immigrants from around the world follow the same dream, most find immense challenges that are difficult to overcome. But Manal was raised to face these challenges head-on with courage. It wasn’t long before she could boast spelling-bee wins, fluency in English as a second language, science fair accomplishments, success in sports, and class valedictorian. Now she’s a remarkably accomplished author, investor, and philanthropist who “works full time for peace”. Want to hear how Dr. Manal learned the power of generosity and connection with others, and how it propelled her into the world impact she’s currently making? Listen to the full episode now!Connect with Dr. Manal InstagramLinkedInVestech PartnersFakhoury Leadership International
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