46 minutes | Apr 2nd 2021

Building a Dream to Change the World | Dustin Bates

Standing on the roof of the Los Angeles Dream Center, Dustin Bates gazed out over the skyline. Deep down, he knew he would one day build something that would change a city in the same way. Years later, he stood atop another building in one of the poorest areas of Dallas, Texas, feeling in his heart it was supposed to become an epicenter of hope for the community. There was one problem: it was in the midnight hour of being sold to someone else. But Dustin refused to take no for an answer and soon, the Dallas Dream Center would become a beacon of hope to thousands in the surrounding communities. Want to hear about the power of never quitting on a dream? Listen to this episode with Dustin Bates!Connect with Dustin:Dream Center DallasFacebookInstagram | Dream CenterInstagram | Dustin BatesTwitter
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