43 minutes | Oct 22nd 2015

052 - Josh Dorkin: Founder and CEO of BiggerPockets talks about hustling your way to success

Josh Dorkin is the founder and CEO of BiggerPockets; a brand focused on providing valuable real estate information as well as building and connecting a community of real estate investors. BiggerPockets was born out of Josh's personal quest to find answers to his personal real estate questions and, by his own admission, is successful because of his sheer persistence and hustle. After following his brother's advice and investing in real estate (somewhat blindly) Josh went on a quest to find answers to his own real estate questions. This "light bulb" moment would become the start of one of the most widely recognized real estate information websites. BiggerPockets gets over one million unique visitors each month and has revolutionized the way real estate entrepreneurs connect and the way real estate deals are done. In this interview, Josh discusses the importance of pursuing your passion and hustling your way to success, hiring a team and building systems, bootstrapping your business, and building a community.