124 minutes | Mar 27th 2020

077. Dayna Lynn Nuckolls: The People's Oracle Divination for Liberation through Sidereal Astrology

Welcome to episode 77 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Dayna Lynn Nuckolls aka The People's Oracle , as we discuss Divination for Liberation through Sidereal Astrology. Join us as we discuss the following:  How Astrology is a language Why Astrology (or ANY divination tool) is demonized through Christian Propaganda. Why  more POC of color, especially those of the African Diaspora are gravitating more towards the arts & sciences of Astrology and Tarot? Ayanamsa and why it is the key to the differentiation of tropical and sidereal astrology Misconceptions about sidereal astrology. Decolonizing Astrology,  .....oh, and MORE! **PRESS PLAY TO JOIN IN ON THE CONVERSATION** Show Notes Available: danielleholdman.com/077 1:1 Laser Coaching: danielleholdman.com/onlinecoaching Free Ecourse/Newsletter: www.danielleholdman.com/vip Tweet me: @CoachHoldman Instagram: @DanielleHoldman              and @NtheParlour Linkedin: @DanielleHoldman
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