81 minutes | Dec 13th 2019

074. Vicky Ayala: Channeling Multipotentiality Energy Into a Sustainable Multi-Passionate Creative Endeavor

Welcome to episode 74 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Vicky Ayala, as we discuss Channeling Multipotentiality Energy Into a sustainable Multi-passionate Creative Endeavor. Join us as we discuss the following:  What is multipotentiality power and it's advantages. How Someone cultivate self-discipline when taking a multi-passionate approach The shadow aspect of being multi-passionate. Specific action steps that one can take, today on developing their strategy to make it work for them in the mundane world. .....oh, and MORE! **PRESS PLAY TO JOIN IN ON THE CONVERSATION** Show Notes Available: danielleholdman.com/074 1:1 Laser Coaching: danielleholdman.com/onlinecoaching Free Ecourse/Newsletter: www.danielleholdman.com/vip Tweet me: @CoachHoldman Instagram: @DanielleHoldman Linkedin: @DanielleHoldman    
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