80 minutes | Aug 29th 2019

070. Baljit Rayat - Sacred Geometry & Sound: How it Influences Our Conscious, Creativity and Connection

Welcome to episode 70 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Baljit Rayat of Lotus Destiny, as we discuss Sacred Geometry & Sound how it influences our Conscious, Creativity and Connection. Join us as we discuss the following:  Identifying Sacred Geometry as a symbolic language How Baljit's past as an architect  influenced her work with sacred geometry. How the selfie relate to one’s own sacred geometry print How music/sound directly relate to sacred geometry What's so special about music/sound being at 432Hz .....oh, and MORE! **PRESS PLAY TO JOIN IN ON THE CONVERSATION** Show Notes Available: danielleholdman.com/070 Tweet me: @CoachHoldman Instagram: @DanielleHoldman Linkedin: @DanielleHoldman Free Ecourse/Newsletter: www.danielleholdman.com/vip
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