77 minutes | Jun 13th 2019

066. Marty Rosenblatt: How Consciousness is a Bridge Between Science and Spirituality

Welcome to episode 66 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist and physicist, Marty Rosenblatt, as we discuss How Consciousness is a Bridge Between Science and Spirituality. Join us as we discuss the following:  Quantum mechanics role in studying consciousness What the "UCC" is and how it relates to the Akashic Records, Book Of Life, and All That Is How Consciousness is bridging Science and Spirituality What is the "Now Moment Conscious".  New Developments in Remote View/Associative Remote Viewing & Feedback Space and time                       ...and more! **PRESS PLAY TO JOIN IN ON THE CONVERSATION** Show Notes Available: danielleholdman.com/066 Tweet me: @CoachHoldman Instagram: @DanielleHoldman Linkedin: @DanielleHoldman Free Ecourse/Newsletter: www.danielleholdman.com/vip
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