63 minutes | Feb 9th 2021

Brian Kight, The Daily Discipline - Craft Your Teams Culture.

“Why do you have a system to teach Offense, Defense, and Special Teams, but nothing for your Teams Culture?” Why do Coaches preach Culture & Standards daily, but fail to actually practice them? This week on The Coaches Collective, we talk with the Coaches' Coach, Brian Kight. BK is the founder of The Daily Discipline Newsletter & Podcast. He has worked with countless number of College & Professional teams and coaches, giving them tools to developing their own unique systematic approach to Culture. Arguably, the most underrated, and over-used term in all of sports is Culture. This week, there is no beating around the bush. We dive right in it: Why do coaches fail?Doesn't Matter, Get Better. This episode goes far beyond X’s & O’s. It’s a real look at where coaches, leaders and teams fail. What sets top teams and coaches apart? They follow a simple systematic approach to building their standards.  Get your pen and paper ready for another episode of The Coaches Collective. 
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