15 minutes | Feb 22nd 2021

Mindfulness Monday - Advice To Your Younger Self

This past week I posted a fantastic picture of a 3-year-old me and a current picture. Click Here To See Instagram Post  What a stylish kid 🤣 This podcast talks about the 5 tips I would tell the younger me!1) Girl, Rock the hair game!2) Listen to your heart and never let people misguide you.3) Never let anyone shame your vibe.4) You're a role model and people look up to you (literally).5) You're going to fail (a lot) don't get frustrated, it's all part of the process!BE BOLD 🦹🏼  BE BADASSLove always,~Jennie⚡️EVOLVE⚡️ The Membership - Come join the fun, where we build the foundation of personal development. 💫 POWER HOUR 💫  Kick it up with a 60-minute session with Jennie! Break down mindset barriers and create a new outlook. Click the green link to schedule.CONNECT WITH ME:FacebookInstagramWebsite SPONSORED BY: Klean AthleteFuel Your Foundation. Perform At Your Peak. 15% off code: EKLN-7774Support the show (https://paypal.me/thecoachjennie?locale.x=en_US)
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