5 minutes | Oct 25th 2020

Welcome To The Closer To Venus Podcast

The first episode  of the Closer To Venus Podcast. topics we will cover :  the afterlife , the spirit world, reincarnation , past lives, lives between lives, angels, mediums, near-death experiences, Karma as well as many other peripheral subjects which we think will come up along the way. The guest speakers that we would like to interview:  educators, spiritual advisors, researchers in the field of parapsychology, mediums as well as people that have had near-death experiences or encounters with the spirit world.  It would be quite interesting to hear from people of different religious backgrounds including but not limited to, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists.It is our belief that this show  is going to appeal to people that have experienced the traditional methods of worship( going to mass, temple, mosque,, etc) but they're just not quite satisfied with the many questions that their pastor, rabbi, or imam can’t or won’t answer I think it's safe to say that many of us really do want to reach Higher Ground, but are not sure that the conventional methods of worship are going to get us there.
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