24 minutes | Jan 14th 2021

#6 Past Life Regression With Manish Khernar

We talk with Manish Khernar,  a Clinical Hypnotherapist from Swa-Darshana Hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy centre, in Ahmedabad - India.In this episode, we will discuss:The 7 layers of our existence:Physical body + Mind + Intellect + Consciousness + Prana + Atama + Ahankara ( Ego, Identification) There must be  powers who take care of us and ensure us that we finish our ‘task’ here on earth as soon as possible and for that theyHow these powers  create  situations that are good for us in the longer runThere are no “good” or “bad” emotions- they are signals sent by the UniverseHow emotions can  lead us to past life memories and uncover limiting beliefsevery pain is a messenger that can be converted into wisdom
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