25 minutes | Feb 26th 2021

#12 Reincarnation In The 5 Main Religions With Karl de Leeuw

We talk with Karl de Leeuw, the founder of the peace campaigning site Onesouls and author of the Universe Code about Reincarnation in the five main religions. In this episode we will discuss:There is but one CREATOR for the “big five” religions  How and why any mention of reincarnation was removed from the old and new testamentsWhy  Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism embrace reincarnation while modern-day Christians and Muslims do not Judaism – Kabbalist Jews via Zohar were all about reincarnation - in direct contrast to orthodox Jews and what is in the bible Although Many spirits do not want to incarnate we must in order to make the universe growIn the spirit world, everything is in the now- life lessons process needs timeEarth is the only planet that's in an ascended planet modeFor more info on Karl:  www.lightsurfers.me
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