20 minutes | Dec 29th 2020

025: The Gifts That 2020 Delivered

We’ve finally made it to the end of 2020 (cue the happy dance). And if you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t imagine that this year would pan like it did. 

In my previous podcast episode 020, we discussed how to make big plans for 2021. Now I’d like to ask you to get a little introspective by asking yourself what you want to see change as you go into the New Year. 

Ask yourself:

  • Did you play full out in your business?
  • How well did you manage business and personal commitments?
  • Were there areas you’d like to improve but aren’t sure how?   

Now that I’ve got you thinking, I’ll take you on a journey with me, traveling through my 2020. We’ll discuss the high points, the low points, the things I (and probably you) never want to do again, and the silver linings that magically appear during the most unexpected moments.

Gold Nuggets

  • How I navigated a major pivot for my practice when I realized the lockdown in March 2020 wasn’t ending anytime soon. 
  • Why I worked diligently to stay positive this year, even though it was hard at times - and why it required me to take a hiatus from social media.
  • How this year forced me to truly evaluate who my ideal patients were and how to best serve them. 
  • The power of doubling down on self-care - and why getting a business coach and ending business relationships that don’t work both qualify as self-care.

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