26 minutes | Dec 22nd 2020

024: How To Host a Patient Challenge with Dr. Ronda Nelson

Challenges are a great way to encourage, inspire, and motivate your patients to achieve tough health goals in a short period of time. They can also help establish your credibility as a practitioner, help you connect with your patients in meaningful ways, and allow you to be the superhero when your patient is struggling and needs a WIN.

So, how can you use a challenge with your patients to kick off the new year? How should you structure your challenge, and what do you need to do to manage it and keep it effective? It’s easier than you may think!

In today’s episode, we’re discussing everything you need to know to create a challenge designed to educate your patients or help them make serious progress toward achieving health goals. You’ll learn how to craft and run your challenge, whether to charge for this service and how to ensure that your patients will come away from it having learned something and satisfied with their outcome, no matter what it is.

Gold Nuggets

  • The unique benefits of hosting challenges for your patients and practice.
  • How to structure and manage a challenge that’s long enough to get results but not so long that your patients will burn out.
  • The two primary types of challenges.
  • Why I don’t recommend weight loss challenges for most practitioners. 
  • Why charging a nominal fee for your challenges can help your patients get better outcomes.

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