24 minutes | Nov 24th 2020

020: Planning For a Successful 2021

There’s always some kind of celebration or holiday festivity happening in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. No wonder why we love the holiday season so much! And one of my favorite things during this time of year is actually planning for the New Year. Ever since my first coach taught me how to close out the prior year and move into the New Year with a clean slate, I got hooked on this type of annual planning and now, it’s become one of my cherished ‘holiday’ traditions.

In today’s podcast episode, I’ll walk you through the four steps I take at the end of each year to prepare for the year to come. In about two hours, you’ll be able to create a plan that will help you focus on how you can take better care of yourself, your staff, your patients, and your community while building a practice that’s thriving and sustainable. And it’s super easy to do.

Gold Nuggets

  • Why you need a big calendar with big squares on your wall to identify your non-negotiables, your staff birthdays, family activities and your major marketing opportunities.
  • How to plan and execute new initiatives and projects you want to offer in your practice in the year to come.
  • Why you need to get an outside opinion about your plan before you execute - and the best people to ask for advice.
  • Why you need to let your calendar sit for a week before you revisit, reassess, and start to look for things you might have missed. 
  • Why doing this every quarter can help you increase your profitability, impact more people, and grow your practice.

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