19 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

013: 3 Key Tools to Help Clinicians Stay Organized

Organization and efficiency are important not just in our processes as caregivers, but in our business as well. When we’re not organized, we can’t keep track of where valuable information is when we need it. When we’re not efficient, we spin our wheels and spend our weekends fixing notes and balancing bank statements. 

Fortunately, there are many tools we can use to improve our practices, both literally and figuratively. Though I’m not naturally an organized person, I’ve found three incredible and affordable tools that have helped me tremendously.

Today, I’m sharing how my team and I use some of my favorite solutions to simplify our workflows and ensure that we have access to important information when we need it.

Gold Nuggets

  • How you can use Evernote to create a searchable database of reference material that you can recall whenever you need it. 
  • How you can use OneNote to organize your thoughts and learnings.
  • How you and your team can use Google Drive and Docs to easily collaborate on projects together.

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